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Grace's erhu with Orchestra London (quartet)

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Grace Yaqiong Lou

Grace ERHU Studio

Grace Y. Lou lives in London Ontario. She studied and worked at Anhui Art Institute. She studied musical pedagogy at Anhui Educational Institute. She has also had the pleasure of studying under Wang Yi during an exchange program to Shanghai Music Institute. As a teacher, she was awarded the Teaching Excellence award. As a performer, she has played in many gigs and recitals both in China and Canada, such as the Year of Dragon Music Week at the Great Hall of the People, annual ensemble tours in China,  "Butterfly Lovers" with Orchestra London, CCNC ensemble. As a special guest lecturer, she has played and introduced erhu music to high school and university students. Currently she is a music derector for the CCNC Chinese Music Ensemble and a private erhu instructor. Future performances are in the works and will be made available on this website. Enjoy! 

Time: 7:30 pm

Address: 251 Dundas St. London ON

                at Wolf Performance Hall

Feb. 21st 2015

Dragon Gala


Time: 6:00 pm

Address: Convention Centre

Feb. 14th 2015

Celebrate Chinese New Year

June 6th 2015


-A Night of Chinese Folk Music



Time: 1pm - 4pm    

address: 1105 Wellington Rd.

Feb. 4th 2015

King's College Culture Festival

Time: 7pm - 10pm

address: 266 Epworth Avenue London Ontario

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